Our Products

Adobo BBQ Seasoning with Turmeric and Moringa

Perfect combination of herbs, spices and superfoods. It’s smoky notes make this seasoning ideal for barbecues, stews, roasts or for grilling.

All Purpose Seasoning with Turmeric and Moringa

Ideal for all cooking preparations at any time of the day! It’s your “salt and pepper” boosted with a combination of herbs, spice and superfoods to enhance the flavor of all your meals.

Everything Bagel Seasoning with 5 Superseeds

This savory blend of onion, garlic and salt fortified with flax, chia and poppy seeds, will take your salads, breakfasts, toasts and even snacks to the next level!

Garlic Paste with Turmeric, Cilantro and Parsley

No need to peel garlic anymore! This paste is a genius combination of fresh ingredients, like parsley and cilantro and superfoods, like turmeric. Perfect for all recipes that call for garlic!

Cooking Base with Turmeric, Sweet Peppers and Cilantro

This is the “Latin Relish”, perfect for making marinades, sauces, as a cooking base or to add flavor to your food. The only product in the market made with fresh cilantro and culantro!