Everything Bagel Seasoning (5.25 Oz)


This savory spice blend is the perfect blend of onion, garlic, salt and nutty flavor from the seeds. Ideal for adding it to you pizza, eggs, salads, rice, marinades, in other words you can put it on anything.


Gastronomic Profile

It has a very balanced taste which makes it ideal for all types of preparation at any time of day.


Nutritional Properties

They contain Turmeric and Moringa which are powerful anti-inflammatory among other properties.


Properties Curcuma

 – Powerful anti-inflammatory

– Helps digestion

– Stops cell oxidation

– Promotes wound healing

– Helps prevent the onset of heart disease


 Properties Moringa

– Powerful anti-inflammatory

– Helps reduce levels of LDL cholesterol in the blood

– Prevents fluid retention

– Source of iron and vitamin E


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Everything Bagel Seasoning (5.25 Oz)