Super Nachos

For a loaded appetizer, try our Super Nachos with refried beans, smoked chicken, avocado, Gouda cheese, sour cream and jalapeños! This delicious appetizer is perfect as a snack or even meal, without the guilt. Our recipe is filled with wholesome ingredients and nutrition, fortified with Cooking with my Doctor products.


25 Minutes

8 Serves


Corn tortilla chips

Cinco de Mayo sauce

Refried Beans

Smoked and shredded chicken breast


Sour cream

Cooked corn kernels

Cilantro and jalapeños, finely sliced

"queso de bola” grated (or any other cheese of preference)

 Ingredients for the Cinco de Mayo sauce:

1 roasted onion

2 tablespoons Garlic Paste CWMD

1 tomato

1 mallet of coriander

1 cubanella pepper

2 jalapenos Lime juice Salt and pepper

2 teaspoons Sazón CWMD  

Ingredients for Refried Beans:

1 cup cooked black beans

1/2 yellow onion, cut into small pieces

1 tablespoon Sofrito CWMD

2 teaspoons Adobo CWMD

2 tablespoons of olive oil


  1. In a container, add the ingredients in the following order (Chips, Refried, Salsa, Cheese)
  2. Bake at 375 degrees for 15 minutes. Until the cheese is well melted and the chips are golden brown.