Everything Bagel Seasoning with 5 Superseeds & All Purpose Seasoning with Turmeric and Moringa

Adobo BBQ Seasoning with Turmeric is the perfect combination of herbs, spices and superfoods. It’s smoky notes make this seasoning ideal for barbecues, stews, roasts or for grilling. It’s a balance of herbs including Turmeric and Moringa, making it even more nutritious, as these 2 ingredients support digestion and healthier metabolism. And combined with a blend of Top quality spices, the Organic Adobo seasoning will provide a consistent and delicious flavor you can count on time and time again.

Everything Bagel Seasoning with 5 Superseeds This savory blend of onion, garlic and salt fortified with flax, chia and poppy seeds, will take your salads, breakfasts, toasts and even snacks to the next level! Power your day with a nutritious and energy-filled breakfast or snack. The flax and chia seeds in this vegan seasoning are high in plant-based protein as well as antioxidants.

*2 pack*

Weight per Unit (OZ)

Everything Bagel: 5.25 oz

Sazón: 7.5oz 

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