Welcome to Cooking with my Doctor, where food is not just nourishment; it's an exciting journey of taste and health!


Our journey began with a simple observation. Most seasonings and condiments on the market, while delicious, were often laden with artificial additives, MSG, GMOs, and other not-so-healthy elements.

This realization led our Chef and Doctor to unite their expertise, and Cooking with my Doctor was born.

We set out to create a line of seasonings and condiments that celebrate the natural goodness of real ingredients and superfoods, making every meal both tasty and nutritious.


Our mission is simple: we're here to help you embrace a life of delicious, guilt-free eating. We craft each of our products with innovative blends of herbs, spices, and superfoods to transform your meals into vibrant, health-enhancing experiences.

At Cooking with my Doctor, we're not just about food

We're about a tasteful revolution that lets you savor life, one delicious and wholesome bite at a time.