Asopao de Gandules with Plaintain Balls


Ingredients  for plaintain balls:

1 green plaintain 

1 teaspoon of Garlic Paste CWMD

1 teaspoon of Sazón CWMD 


Ingredients for Asopao de Gandules 


2 cup of cooked gandules (or pigeon peas)

1/2 cup of Sofrito CWMD 

1 tablespoon of tomato paste 

2 teaspoons of Garlic Paste CWMD 

1/4 cup of smoked cooking ham 

2 tablespoons of capers 

1 tablespoon of recao and cilantro, finely cut 

1 tablespoon of olive oil 

3 teaspoons Adobo CWMD 

3 cups of chicken broth 


1) In a hot saucepan, sauté the garlic and tomato paste in olive oil.

2) Add the rest of the ingredients except the cilantro and recao. 

3) Raise the temperature until it starts to boil. 

4) With a grater, using the wide holes, grate the plaintain and add garlic and Adobo. Form the mixture into balls, carefully add them to the broth and cook over medium heat for about 20 minutes.